How to collect leaf senescence phenotype images?

In order to determine whether SAGs collected in LSD really affect leaf senescence process, we selected T-DNA insertion lines via SIGnaL and ordered them from ABRC. If multiple insertions are available in the same gene, the insertion which disrupts the gene function at the largest degree is selected, such as those locating within exons.

Some RNAi lines were generated by ourselves or obtained from other laboratories for further study if there is no suitable insertion lines available from the Salk collections.

To conduct the phenotype analysis, we did the following works:

1. Phenotype information of mutants or transgenic plants were collected as descripted above.
2. A large scale phenotype analysis was carried on and phenotype images were deposited in the updated database.
3. We constructed several transgenic plants overexpressing SAGs (WRKY75, WRKY51, WRKY26, bZIP60, EIN2-CEND/ein2-5) to study their regulatory functions in leaf senescence process. More transgenic plants will be available in the near future.

Currently, LSD stores 108 pieces of phenotype images.

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