What is the guideline for primer designing?

To help researchers study the expression level of their interested SAGs, primer sequences retrieved from research papers or designed by Array Designer 4 are provided in LSD. You can search for them via Text Search.

To facilitate the conduction of multiple PCRs, primers designed with Array Designer 4 are all in considering of the following properties:

1. Primers are 19~23 nucleotides long, with a preferred length of 21 nucleotides. This is long enough to permit gene-specific primers, while reducing the potential for cross-reactivity and allowing cost-effective generation of large primer sets.
2. The GC contents are 35%~65% to ensure uniform priming.
3. Since PCR efficiency is decreased for very long amplicons, only short amplicons of 150~450 nucleotides are considered during primer selection. Occasionally, if this requirement cannot be satisfied, a wider range of 100~700 nucleotides is adopted.

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