Basic mutant information   
Mutant name ore1-1
Mutant/Transgenic mutant
Ecotype Col-0
Mutagenesis type EMS
(Semi-)Dominant/Recessive recessive
Description delayed senescence
1: Kim JH, Woo HR, Kim J, Lim PO, Lee IC, Choi SH, Hwang D, Nam HG
Trifurcate feed-forward regulation of age-dependent cell death involving miR164 in Arabidopsis.
Science 2009 Feb 20;323(5917):1053-7

Mutated genes   
Locus name AT5G39610
Alias ORE1/AtNAC092/AtNAC2/AtNAC06
Organism Arabidopsis thaliana
Description ORE1 expression is up-regulated concurrently with leaf aging by EIN2 but is negatively regulated by miR164. miR164 expression gradually decreases with aging through negative regulation by EIN2, which leads to the elaborate up-regulation of ORE1 expression.
Phenotype information   
Natural senescenceCell death marker:Ion leakagelow
Cell death marker:otherno
Chlorophyll contenthigh
Leaf colorgreen
Marker gene expressionno