Welcome to LSD 2.0: Leaf Senescence Database Update!

Leaf senescence has been recognized as the last phase of plant development, a highly ordered process regulated by senescence associated genes (SAGs). Leaf senescence is induced during plant development or resulted by environmental changes. Premature senescence leads to reduced yield and quality of crops.

To facilitate the systematical research and comparative study of leaf senescence, we constructed a database of leaf senescence (LSD 1.0, August 2011) to collect SAGs, mutants, phenotypes and literature references. We now update LSD to a new version LSD 2.0 (June, 2013).

LSD 2.0 contains 5357 genes and 324 mutants. New features of LSD 2.0 are:

. 108 images of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants are added
. Subcellular localization information of Arabidopsis thaliana SAGs mined from literature or generated by SUBA3 is added
. Mutant seed information of Arabidopsis thaliana obtained from TAIR is integrated
. stay-green QTL information is added and linked to the Gramene QTL Database
. Primer sequences of SAGs retrieved from research papers or designed by Array Designer 4 are added
. New options of search engines for primers of SAGs and interactions between miRNAs and SAGs are implemented

Please Cite:
Li, Z., Zhao, Y., Liu, X., Peng, J., Guo, H., and Luo, J. (2013). LSD 2.0: an update of the leaf senescence database. Nucleic Acids Res. 42(D1): D1200-D1205. [Full Text]

Liu, X., Li, Z., Jiang, Z., Zhao, Y., Peng, J., Jin, J., Guo, H., and Luo, J. (2011). LSD: a leaf senescence database. Nucleic Acids Res. 39: D1103-1107. [Full Text]