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Locus Species Function Effect Evidence
AT3G47450 Arabidopsis thaliana Hormone response pathway:Nitric oxide delayGenetic evidence:Mutant
AT5G39610 Arabidopsis thaliana Transcription regulation:NAC promoteGenetic evidence:Mutant; Genomic evidence:microarray data
AT4G25470 Arabidopsis thaliana Transcription regulation:DREB subfamily A-1 of ERF/AP2 delayGenetic evidence:Transgene
AT1G69270 Arabidopsis thaliana Protein degradation/modification:protein kinase and phosphatases promoteGenomic evidence:microarray data; Genetic evidence: mutant and transgene
AT1G11755 Arabidopsis thaliana Lipid/Carbohydrate metabolism delayGenetic evidence:Mutant

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